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Geoff's work has appeared in national and international publications, including Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, Wired, Meteorite, Rock & Gem, Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine, Geotimes, Lapidary Journal, Seed, Reader's Digest, Meteoryt (Poland), Paleontograph, The Village Voice, The Tucson EZ-Guide (Gem Show guide), Tucson Weekly, Mushroom (Germany), TIMA (Japan), Meteorite Hunting & Collecting Magazine, The Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites, and in numerous other online and print media. He is the author of the acclaimed science book: Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space, is host of Meteorite Men on Science Channel, and has appeared on American Chopper, Cosmic Collisions, Cash & Treasures, and many other popular television shows.

Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space is the definitive guide to recovering meteorites, written by one of the best-known personalities in the field and host of Science Channel’s award-winning television series Meteorite Men. It includes detailed information on how to locate, excavate, and identify rocks from space, and is filled with insider information from an internationally recognized meteorite specialist. Meteorite Hunting is packed with scores of never-before-seen photos, including behind-the-scenes pictures from Season One and Season Two of Meteorite Men.

If you have ever dreamed of finding your own space rock then this is the book for you. In 16 chapters, Meteorite Hunting compares and explains different hunting strategies, examines strewnfields and craters, and discusses the best field equipment. It also clarifies the importance of research, advises prospective hunters how to go about gaining permission to hunt on private land, describes how meteorites are named and classified, and includes a fully illustrated visual guide to meteorite identification in the lab and in the field. Click here for sample pages, more information, or to order >>>

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Article: Meteorite Men the Television Show
Article: The Great West, Texas Meteorite Hunt


The West, Texas fireball and meteorite hunt

Steve Arnold, Sonny Clary, and friends join Geoff Notkin and the Aerolite Meteorites team on the ground in central Texas immediately after the famous February 15, 2009 Texas fireball. They were in search of the newest visitors to planet Earth! Join the West, Texas meteorite hunters in this original photo journal >>>

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How much is a meteorite worth? A guide to buying, selling and collecting meteorites


Filming Cosmic Collisions in Kansas

Geoff returns to the Brenham strewnfield in rural Kansas where, together with his great friend Steve Arnold, they work on a three-part documentary for The Discovery Channel, and make a significant discovery. Discovery Channel Cosmic Collisions meteorite documentary photo essay >>>

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Deciphering Arizona's Meteorite Graveyard

Professor Jim Kriegh — discoverer of the Gold Basin meteorite — and Geoff journey to Franconia, Arizona to hunt in a newly discovered strewnfield. They meet up with seasoned meteorite hunters Mike Miller, Ruben Garcia, and Sonny Clary and learn about their exciting new hunting techniques.

This article originally appeared in Meteorite magazine Volume 10, No. 1, August, 2004



Geoff Notkin interviews famed meteorite hunter Steve Schoner and traces his decades-long quest for an elusive gem-studded pallasite buried in the mountains of central New Mexico. This story begins with a childhood meeting with the legendary H.H. Nininger and ends with an extraordinary discovery.

This article originally appeared in Meteorite magazine Volume 7, No. 1, February, 2001

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