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Magnificent individual with natural hole and orientation

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A miraculous individual that has everything: amazing orientation, superb regmaglypts, a protruding "tail" or "finger," pristine surface features (no rusting or pitting) and even a natural hole! Simply as good as it gets. This one has been in the Aerolite vault for many years and will be impossible to replace. We got into meteorite collecting for pieces like this! More >>>

2105 grams    121 mm x 112 mm x 86 mm


An impressive, large Sikhote-Alin shrapnel

This large shrapnel piece is a joy to examine. Jagged edges, striations and a distinct piece of twisted metal; the results of the forces involved in ripping apart an iron meteorite are rather visible in this specimen. Arresting!

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4,034 grams
192 mm x 156 mm x 63 mm


PLAINVIEW "The Bird Head"
Nininger specimen with number
H5 chondrite  Found 1917, Texas

"The Bird Head" is a magnificent complete, oriented Nininger Plainview (1917) individual with hand-painted Nininger number P92BB and Center For Meteorite Studies ID card. This piece was collected by Nininger and his team. A world-class meteorite and an important and significant historic piece. Don't miss the large pictures >>>
868.3 grams
121 mm x 79 mm x 76 mm


"CAMPO" LAS PALMAS 3,630 grams
Sculptural individual with natural patina

Although structurally similar to Campo, we still believe that Las Palmas (provisional) is an entirely different meteorite, based on the location of the strewnfield (200 miles away and at right angles) and the different appearance (well preserved with remnant fusion crust and fine regmaglypts). We still await a final decision on this, but it is an excellent iron, regardless. See the large photos >>>
3,630 grams    185 mm x 111 mm x 74 mm



NWA 8022 39.7 grams
Full slice
Lunar, feldspathic breccia
Found 2013 Morocco, Northwest Africa

We are almost speechless looking at this exemplary lunar material, an astounding large full slice with brecciated clast speckling the light gray matrix. The lower right hand corner (in the photo) is distinctly different in its lithology than the majority of the slice. About as good as it gets.
39.7 grams
111 mm x 105 mm x 2 mm


DIMMITT 1,137.2 grams
Outstanding individual with two hand-painted numbers

This beautiful complete individual, with rich natural patina, is from the important Oscar Monnig Meteorite Collection. It features two hand-painted numbers (Huss/Monnig and original Monnig), thumbprints and remnant fusion crust. A gorgeous and desirable historic meteorite.
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138 mm x 80 mm x 70 mm


NWA 8687 13.3 grams
Lunar troctolite

Exceptional specimen with striking dark green shock vein running the length of this gorgeous full slice. This piece shows considerable brecciation, but most notable is the translucent (what we think is a) plagioclase crystal. Absolutely world-class.

13.3 grams
69 mm x 62 mm x 2 mm


NWA 8177 159.8 grams
Achondrite, Eucrite (monomict)
Purchased 2008 Morocco, Northwest Africa

We simply can not say enough about this sensational end cut. The cut face reveals a marvelous gradational/zoned brecciated interior. The exceptional exterior face sports large regmaglypts, cooling cracks, glimpse of the interior and distinct weathering demarcation line. And the hole; though the result of the cutting, it is nonetheless remarkable. A show stopper and conversation starter. Please be sure to see the additional photos!
159.8 grams
144 mm x 143 mm x 11 mm


NWA 8022 31.6 grams
Full slice
Lunar, feldspathic breccia
Found 2013 Morocco, Northwest Africa

Words can hardly describe this show stopping full slice. It is so unusual to see such large lunar specimen. This piece clearly shows it history on an active bombardment surface, with a lovely light gray matrix dotted with white feldspathic clasts, and brecciation And, surprisingly, it is littered with small glittery metallic flecks. A prize for any collection.
31.6 grams
102 mm x 79 mm x 2 mm


NWA 8022 91.8 grams
End cut!
Lunar, feldspathic breccia
Found 2013 Morocco, Northwest Africa

A large end cut with fusion crust! Incredible surface area on the cut face displays excellent features and color. The reverse? A rough exterior with segments of a tarnish fusion crust. A museum grade specimen. Absolutely incredible!

91.8 grams
98 mm x 70 mm x 15 mm


NWA 7457 509.9 grams
Full slice
Ordinary chondrite, L5 melt breccia
Purchased 2012 Morocco, Northwest Africa

This impressive large full slice showcases an incredibly distinct brecciated pattern, clearly displayed on the matte finished side. The other side has a highly polished finish. Metal veins, brecciated clasts, and melt material; all you could want in a melt breccia. The formation history preserved.

509.9 grams
205 mm x 204 mm x 6 mm


NWA 7040 419.6 grams
End cut
Ordinary chondrite, H3.4
Purchased 2011, Morocco, Northwest Africa

World-class end cut. It is unusual for us to come across such unique material. This piece features a large cut surface area, with a multitude of chondrules. The marvelous relatively flat reverse side, showcases the exterior of the meteorite with just a hint of remnant fusion crust and mottled with visible chondrules. This piece is a show-stopper.
419.6 grams
150 mm x 121 mm x 15 mm


NWA 6950 29.1 grams
Part slice
Lunar gabbro
Purchased 2011, Morocco, Northwest Africa

Superb full slice of a gabbro lunar. This grandiose visitor from another planet has a delicate light green tint. It is streaked with one predominate jet black shock vein among a thin spider web of veins. So unusual to find a lunar slice of this size.
29.1 grams
110 mm x 69 mm x 2 mm


Large slice from Nininger's classic find

A slice packed with both large and small fragmented silicate and siderite segments, showing the intriguing relationship between both components.

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147.9 grams  157
mm x 92 mm x 4 mm


An oldie and a goodie!
This fine individual was likely found fairly soon after the 1947 fall, as there are still traces of blue-gray fusion crust remaining and a some natural patina, something rarely seen on Sikhote-Alins that were found more recently. This specimen has a good sculptural shape, lamella structure clearly visible where it broke in flight, well defined regmaglypts and multiple distinct flow lines.
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820.4 grams
90 mm x 78 mm x 75 mm

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