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At 74.6 grams, this gorgeous, extremely colorful moon rock (NWA 11303 provisional) is one of the largest planetary specimens we've offered. When our company president, Geoff Notkin, spoke at a recent spaceflight event he showed our lunar specimens to Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, who actually collected rocks on the moon's surface! Charlie signed this exclusive photo/certificate for us. A magnificent moon rock with Apollo provenance! Moon rock + NASA moon walker autograph. What an amazing collectible! All pictured documentation is included. See the large photos >>>
74.6 grams  
85 mm x 48 mm x 30 mm   $7,500.00


This large and thin 8.5-gram slice (NWA 11303 provisional) was expertly cut and polished to a magnificent finish on a diamond lap. Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, who actually collected rocks on the moon's surface signed an exclusive photo/certificate for us that accompanies it. By far the lowest-priced lunars we've ever offered on the website.
Comes with all pictured documentation including Charlie Duke signature!

See the large photos >>>
8.5 grams  
46 mm x 42 mm x 2 mm   $1,500.00

CAMPO DEL CIELO – Super premium individuals
Iron Meteorite (IAB)
Exceptional specimens with outstanding surface features that will delight even the most seasoned collector

CAMPO DEL CIELO 154.7 grams "The Soup Spoon"
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
This astounding complete individual displays a natural "handle" and "scoop" and appears as if cosmically hammered into the shape of a soup spoon. For real. Imagine how surprised your nerd guest will be when you serve them using this extraterrestrial cutlery.
More >>>

154.7 grams
73 mm x 48 mm x 31 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO 255.1 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
Excellent highly sculptural individual that looks like Australia from one angle and a ferrous woodpecker from another. Numerous regmaglypts too.
More >>>

255.1 grams
68 mm x 64 mm x 26 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO 891.9 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
Super-excellent sculptural example with a giant protruding "thumb," beautiful surface features and abundant regmaglypts. This would make a marvelous desktop display piece or outstanding show-and-tell piece for a university or museum. Superb.
More >>>

891.9 grams
97 mm x 97 mm x 63 mm

CAMPO DEL CIELO – Rare oriented specimens
Iron Meteorite (IAB)
rare and intriguing specimens that maintained a fixed orientation towards Earth during flight, and ablated into fantastical shapes.

CAMPO DEL CIELO 839.7 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
Marvelous multi-faceted individual with excellent shape and regmaglypts. If you rotate it 180 degrees, it is almost a dead-ringer for the South American continent which is -- handily -- its terrestrial point of origin.
This beautiful display piece also shows considerable orientation, with a textbook, flat trailing edge. More >>>

839.7 grams
111 mm x 82 mm x 35 mm

CAMPO DEL CIELO – Extremely rare specimens with natural holes
Iron Meteorite (IAB)
Less than 1 in 1,000 iron meteorites display holes formed by melting during flight. These highly collectible natural space sculptures are among the most desirable of all space rocks.

CAMPO DEL CIELO 1,338 grams with two holes!
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
This outlandish beauty weighing almost three pounds shows distinct orientation and a gorgeous, regmaglypt-laden leading edge, rippling with abundant overlaid thumbprints. That alone would make it a winner, but it also displays two natural holes! An extraordinary piece that will wow the serious collector and Geoff's favorite piece on the site at the moment. Extremely fine!
More >>>

1,338 grams
113 mm x 80 mm x 56 mm     $1,950.00

Kiowa County, Kansas

The Brenham meteorite was first discovered during the 1880s, by the wife of a frontier farmer. Numerous additional masses were found in the years that followed. Brenham, Kansas became a world-famous meteorite locatility when the pilot episode of the television series Meteorite Men was filmed there and several large masses were recovered [pictured]. Brenham is an olivine-rich pallasite, comprised of approximately 50% nickel iron and 50% olivine (peridot). Brenham is known for its jade-green, oval, coffee bean-shaped crystals.


BRENHAM 183.2 grams
Pallasite (PAL), First known 1882, Kiowa County, Kansas, USA

New listing Sizeable and thick-cut part slice from old collection, with abundant green olivine crystals. More >>>

183.1 grams
99 mm x 58 mm x 13 mm

H5–6, H Chondrite, found 2013, Mali, Africa

A strewnfield roughly 10 km in diamater produced about 85 kg of fragments and individuals, with an average weigh of perhaps a few hundred grams. Only a couple of larger masses were recovered and these excellent full slices come from one of them. These slices have a medium polish on one face and a protective coating on the other (giving a particularly nice, glossy finish). These large slices are very attractive, showy pieces, with abundant, shiny metal flakes and make for impressive display pieces. We rarely see full chondrite slices of this size, and these are definitely priced to move!


DAR EL KAHAL 300.5 grams
H5–6 chondrite
Found October 2013, Mali

New listing Beautiful, large and very impressive, boomerang-shaped full slice, peppered with a brilliant frosting of nickel-iron flecks and several larger metallic inclusions. More >>>

300.5 grams
237 mm x 131 mm x 4 mm


DAR EL KAHAL 339.1 grams
H5–6 chondrite
Found October 2013, Mali

New listing Hefty full slice, weighing the better part of a pound, lavishly speckled with bright nickel-iron flecks. More >>>

339.1 grams
244 mm x 131 mm x 4 mm


BRAHIN 112.4 grams
Pallasite (PAL), Found Belarus, Russia 1810

New listing Excellent and sizable slice, richly stocked with olivine crystals. At about 80% peridot, these beautiful Brahin slices are among the most olivine-rich pallasites we've ever seen. Clean, bright, stable, highly translucent and very affordable (as pretty as Imilac, but one third the price!). More >>>

112.4 grams
130 mm x 100 mm x 3 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO 257.9 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
Appealing, aesthetic piece with intriguing animal-like shape ... perhaps a tortoise, or is it a tapir? Very pleasing sculptural shape with multiple regmaglypts and a hint of orientation.
More >>>

257.9 grams
90 mm x 42 mm x 38 mm

Iron Meteorite (IIIAB) Crater-forming

The Wabar crater field in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia is one of the most elusive and mysterious impact sites on Earth. The world's only known sand craters of significant size were formed by the impact of a IIIAB iron meteorite weighing many tons. It has a possible fall date of 1863, although some estimates put the age in the thousands of years. The heat and pressure generated by the event formed a diverse and remarkable collection of impactites, including exquisite black glass spheres known as Wabar Pearls. The site has always been nearly inaccessible and has only been visited a few times in history. Shifting sands have slowly filled in the craters over time and they are, today, almost obliterated. First discovered in 1932, differing reports place the number of craters between three and five.

Political events in the Middle East have made the area extremely dangerous and we have been advised by local experts that it is now impossible to reach under any circumstances. As such, we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer this rare and beautiful material, acquired directly from the son of the finder.

Rare as Wabar impactites are, pieces of the actual meteorite are so uncommon as to almost be a thing of legend. These exceedingly rare specimens came from the collection of the son of an oil company geologist, Mr. Edward L. Elberg, who worked in the empty quarter between 1947 and the early 1960s, preparing maps and seeking drilling locations. In 1951, Mr. Elberg visited the Wabar craters (in the area locally known as Al-Hadida) and personally collected these specimens. He returned to the United States in 1967 and donated some of his collection to an American museum. We acquired all the remaining pieces.

In more than twenty years in the meteorite business we have only once offered Wabar for sale and that was in the form of a single slice. This is the first time we have ever presented individuals and fragments and this is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire material from this fascinating and now-unreachable meteorite site. Travel in the region is now so hazardous — and as the craters continue to experience in-filling — we never expect to see such examples again.

Most of these meteorites appear to be small individuals and a couple even show traces of faint thumbprinting and orientation! These are well-preserved iron meteorites, not weathered shale!

An absolute must for collectors of crater-forming irons!


WABAR 7.8 grams
IIIAB crater-forming iron, discovered 1932
Al-Hadida, Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia

New Listing
Solid iron fragment (not shale) with zoomorphic appearance, shiny natural black and bronze desert patina and pleasing, angular shape. More >>>

7.8 grams
26 mm x 15 mm x 8 mm


WABAR 14.7 grams
IIIAB crater-forming iron, discovered 1932
Al-Hadida, Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia

New Listing
Excellent clean and solid individual with pleasing shape (we see the head of a wolf) and natural patina. Our largest available example of this extremely rare meteorite.
More >>>

14.7 grams
27 mm x 17 mm x 11 mm

CAMPO DEL CIELO – Premium individuals
Iron Meteorite (IAB)
Specimens with exceptional surface features

CAMPO DEL CIELO 919.5 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing
Delightful complete individual with remarkable abundance of small and well-formed regmaglypts. This attractive, shield-shaped specimen also displays modest orientation and an intriguing protruding "thumb." Very fine.
More >>>

919.5 grams
118 mm x 95 mm x 48 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO 932.1 grams
IAB First discovered 1576, Formosa, Argentina

New Listing Top quality complete individual showing a hint of orientation and almost completely covered with small and overlapping regmaglypts. High regmaglypt density is rare among Campo del Cielos, making this a particularly desirable piece.

932.1 grams
103 mm x 64 mm x 63 mm

Iron Meteorite, Ungrouped (UNGR)
Gebel Kamil is the most exciting iron meteorite discovery in many years and these remarkable fragments, steeped in a natural bronze patina, have instantly become a favorite of the Aerolite Meteorites team. A crater, approximately 45 meters in diameter, was discovered in the Uweinat Desert in Egypt in 2009. These specimens were found near the crater and display a unique surface texture, reminiscent of lizard skin, and are similar in appearance to Sikhote-Alin, but with the added allure of the rich desert patina. A must-have for the collector!

GEBEL KAMIL 201.7 grams
UNGR 2009 Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt

New Listing
Attractive, teardrop-shaped, sculptural example with excellent texture and patina, good shape and and the desirable lizard skin-like texture that is unique to this desert iron. More >>>

201.7 grams
63 mm x 46 mm x 24 mm

Iron Meteorite (IAB-SLL) Coarse octahedrite
First discovered in 1776 in Mexico, Toluca is one of the world's oldest known meteorites. The Toluca strewnfield was also the site of meteorite pioneer H.H. Nininger's first great expedition, making it an historic and collectible iron on two counts.

TOLUCA 76.9 grams
IAB iron
First found 1776 Xiquipilco, Mexico

New Listing Nicely etched half slice of this seldom-seen, yet important and historic iron. More >>>

76.9 grams
60 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm

Iron Meteorite (IAB)
A remarkable Australian iron, Mundrabillas are known for their unusual zoomorphic shapes, many of which seem to resemble animals or modern sculptures. Mundrabilla is a medium octahedrite with an attractive etch pattern and is found in a very remote part of Western Australia. All specimens are as-found, with an orange/ochre patina. Most available Mundrabilla specimens are very small. It is very unusual to see good quality sculptural specimens, such as these, of this size. We filmed an episode of our multi award-winning TV series Meteorite Men at Mundrabilla in 2010 [pictured] and found numerous specimens. All of our Mundrabilla meteorites have legal export permits from Australia.

MUNDRABILLA 78.6 grams
Iron, IAB First known 1911, W. Australia

New Listing
Nice, angular piece with rich, reddish-orange patina, typical of meteorites found on the Australian Nullarbor Plain
. More >>>

78.6 grams
43 mm x 32 mm x 25 mm


MUNDRABILLA 116.4 grams
Iron, IAB First known 1911, W. Australia

New Listing
Beautiful, sculptural piece, wih a large dimple on one face, and a bird-like "head" that seems to be looking away. With natural, as-found desert patina.
More >>>

116.4 grams
47 mm x 46 mm x 19 mm


MUNDRABILLA 184.4 grams
Iron, IAB First known 1911, W. Australia

New Listing
The vast majority of recovered Mundrabilla irons are small — usually well under 100 grams — so a piece of this size is something of a rarity. It shows the zoomorphic shape typical of Mundrabillas, with rich orange-brown natural patina.
More >>>

184.4 grams
62 mm x 37 mm x 34 mm


ODESSA 142.6 grams
IAB iron with UNM number and card
First found 1922, Ector County, Texas, USA

New Listing Very attractive and shapely angular specimen, typical of crater-forming irons, with natural patina, UNM handpainted number K2-266 and original matching collection card. More >>>

142.6 grams
66 mm x 34 mm x 28 mm


PLAINVIEW "The Bird Head"
Nininger specimen with handpainted number, listed in the Nininger print catalog
H5 chondrite  Found 1917, Texas

"The Bird Head" is a magnificent complete, oriented Nininger Plainview (1917) individual with hand-painted Nininger number P92BB and original Center For Meteorite Studies at ASU catalog card. This piece was found by Dr. Nininger and his team. A world-class example of this Texas meteorite and an important and significant historic piece. More >>>
868.3 grams
121 mm x 79 mm x 76 mm


BELLE PLAINE, KANSAS, ex-Monnig Collection
L6 chondrite Found Kansas, 1950

New listing This exquisite full slice of the celebrated Kansas black chondrite comes from the Oscar Monnig Meteorite Collection and has been cut marvelously thin to offer fantastic surface-to-weight ratio. Click on photo to see the extremely unusual micro-breccia in detail photos. We've never seen this in a meteorite before! Quite dazzling and a gorgeous, impressive display piece. More >>>

222.3 grams 246 mm x 216 mm x 2 mm

Iron Meteorite (IAB-MG)
Morasko is associated with the exquisite field of impact features in Poland, near the city of Poznan. The site is protected and some of the larger craters, lying deep in lush woodland, are filled with water and green algae giving them an otherworldly feel. We filmed an episode of our multi award-winning TV series Meteorite Men at Morasko in 2011 [pictured] and discovered a 75-lb complete iron which was, at the time, the second-largest meteorite ever found in Poland (and the most deeply buried). Morasko irons are very rarely seen on the collectors' market and these fine, full slices were prepared by an expert iron meteorite cutter and show a lovely etch. Note the arresting, angular shapes and criss-crossing schribersite inclusions. The Morasko craters lie in a battlefield that saw multiple conflicts during WWI, WWII and the Napoleonic era. A real prize for collectors of crater-forming meteorites.

MORASKO 74.2 grams
Iron, IAB-MG First known 1914, Poland
Complete etched slice

New listing
Beautiful full slice, well prepared in the lab, with appealing angular shape, rich etch pattern and abundant schriebersite. More >>>

74.2 grams
78 mm x 64 mm x 3 mm


MORASKO 90.5 grams "The Iron Dragon"
Iron, IAB-MG First known 1914, Poland
Complete etched slice

New listing
A gorgeous full slice with marvelous etch, rich in schriebersite, and with a spectacular visual aspect reminiscent of a flying dragon. A superior example of this sought-after meteorite and a must for collectors of crater-forming irons. Most excellent. More >>>

90.5 grams
103 mm x 96 mm x 3 mm


SEYMCHAN 503.7 grams
Pallasite (PAL), IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia

New listing One of the real gems of the Aerolite catalog, this large and magnificent oval full slice shows a multitude of crystals including a long olivine-rich band, and a glorious, clear, sharp etch. The finest pallasite slice we've offered for sale in a long time. More >>>

503.7 grams
307 mm x 112 mm x 4 mm


Full slices of Mars in attractive display box with COA

New Listing Northwest Africa 7397 is a martian meteorite found in the dry deserts of Africa in 2012. It was examined by meteorite scientists A. Irving and S. Kuehner at the University of Washington and classified as a shergottite. These are superb FULL SLICES expertly prepared on a special hi-tech saw for maximum surface area and come with a certificate signed by Geoff Notkin. Own a piece of the Red Planet at an extraordinarily low price! We have a very limited supply of these lovely collectibles. MORE >>>
$99 to $199.00 depending on specimen size

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