The rarest of the three main types, the stony-irons are also the most mysterious. They account for only 2% of all known meteorites. Comprising roughly equal amounts of nickel-iron and minerals, they are divided into two groups: the mesosiderites and the pallasites. Mesosiderites are believed to have been formed by violent asteroidal collisions, millions of year ago in deep space. Pallasites are made of nickel-iron and green olivine crystals. Olivine is the gemstone peridot. Slices of pallasites are colorful and translucent and have an extraordinary otherworldly beauty. Of the more than 50,000 officially recognized meteorites only about 300 are pallasites, making them rarer than diamonds or even emeralds. When you hold a pallasite in your hand, you are literally holding gems from outer space!

Our catalog of stony-iron meteorites for sale is presented here, in alphabetical order. Click on any image for additional photographs. All specimens are fully guaranteed and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Please contact us for additional information. And we hope you enjoy this look at the remnants of the hearts of ancient asteroids.


Large slice from Nininger's classic find

A slice packed with both large and small fragmented silicate and siderite segments, showing the intriguing relationship between both components.

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147.9 grams  157
mm x 92 mm x 4 mm


BRAHIN 112.4 grams
Pallasite (PAL), Found Belarus, Russia 1810

Excellent and sizable slice, richly stocked with olivine crystals. At about 80% peridot, these beautiful Brahin slices are among the most olivine-rich pallasites we've ever seen. Clean, bright, stable, highly translucent and very affordable (as pretty as Imilac, but one third the price!). More >>>

112.4 grams
130 mm x 100 mm x 3 mm

Kiowa County, Kansas

The Brenham meteorite was first discovered during the 1880s, by the wife of a frontier farmer. Numerous additional masses were found in the years that followed. Brenham, Kansas became a world-famous meteorite locatility when the pilot episode of the television series Meteorite Men was filmed there and several large masses were recovered [pictured]. Brenham is an olivine-rich pallasite, comprised of approximately 50% nickel iron and 50% olivine (peridot). Brenham is known for its jade-green, oval, coffee bean-shaped crystals.


BRENHAM 183.2 grams
Pallasite (PAL), First known 1882, Kiowa County, Kansas, USA

Sizeable and thick-cut part slice from old collection, with abundant green olivine crystals. More >>>

183.1 grams
99 mm x 58 mm x 13 mm

An extremely beautiful pallasite characterized by extraordinarily large and colorful olivine crystals. The main mass was discovered in 2000, and as a relatively new pallasite on the market, this meteorite has rapidly become a favorite among collectors due to the stunning and enormous olivine crystals. We are offering both polished and etched slices for you to choose from at a low introductory price. Supply is very limited!

FUKANG 25.6 grams
Pallasite Found 2000, Xinjiang Province, China
25.6 gram polished and etched part slice

A number of significant olivine crystals are surrounded by a metal matrix with distinct Widmanstätten pattern. Broken crystal in one corner, otherwise very fine.
45 mm x 38 mm x 4 mm  

FUKANG 33.2 grams
Pallasite Found 2000, Xinjiang Province, China
33.2 gram polished and etched part slice

A gorgeous part slice loaded with olivine crystals on one side, and an perfect amount of etched metal on the other.

45 mm x 37 mm x 4 mm  

FUKANG 37.2 grams
Pallasite Found 2000, Xinjiang Province, China
37.2 gram polished and etched part slice

Lots of expertly etched nickel-iron in this very fine slice, dotted with unusually shaped olivine crystals. Very fine.

47 mm x 39 mm x 4 mm  

Pallasite (PAL)
This is something you don't often see! A pallasite from Northwest Africa. Although somewhat weathered, they still contain plenty of iron and have significant density. The polished faces show lovely markings and are reminiscent of the Huckitta pallasite. We only have a few of these pieces and this unusual desert find is a must for pallasite collectors.

NWA 7045 25.7 grams
Pallasite, Northwest Africa
22.8 gram polished end cut

Elongated half stone with highly polished face, showing a lattice of metal. Abundant small gold, green, yellow and brown crystals are clearly visible through a loupe.
42 mm x 30 mm x 17 mm  

NWA 7045 35.5 grams
Pallasite, Northwest Africa
35.5 gram polished end cut

Very nice half stone with polished face and a silver and black matrix. Plenty of good olivine crystals are clearly visible under modest magnification.

47 mm x 37 mm x 18 mm  

NORTHWEST AFRICA (NWA) 7154 (Provisional)
This stunning mesosiderite was discovered in Morocco. Only 1 mass was recovered, with a weight of 148 grams. We were fortunate to acquire two full slices of this striking new meteorite.


NWA 7154 SLICE 89.0 grams
Mesosiderite, Northwest Africa

Simply outstanding! This full slice has a number of large metal blebs showcasing a row of silicate inclusions running down one edge. We love seeing these stunning and rare mesosiderites.

89.0 grams
101 mm x 82 mm x 4 mm

This absolutely beautiful brand new mesosiderite was discovered in 2012 in Morocco. Only 1 stone was recovered, with a mass of 2.28 kilograms. After cut loss, that probably leaves not much more than 1.5 kg total in the world. We were lucky to acquire two full slices of this exquisite new meteorite.

NWA 7657 22.8 grams
Mesosiderite, Northwest Africa
22.8 gram polished full slice

Super full slice with brilliantly shiny nickel-iron fields suspended in a brownish-green matrix. Extremely nice.

84 mm x 43 mm x 2 mm  

NWA 7657 43.6 grams
Mesosiderite, Northwest Africa
43.6 gram polished full slice

Excellent full slice with bright, shiny nickel-iron inclusions, good shape and greenish matrix.

95 mm x 56 mm x 3 mm  

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Pallasites with multi-colored crystals and transitional characteristics
We are pleased to offer specimens of the olivine-rich Russian pallasite Seymchan. Originally classified as an iron (IIE), new Seymchan finds have produced fabulous pallasitic material, some with an abundance of colorful olivine clusters. Seymchan is completely stable and its current price is far below that of similar pallasites. We acquired this material directly from the finder in Russia, and are therefore able to offer it at a very reasonable price. Some specimens are transitional in nature, in that they exhibit characteristics of both irons and stony-irons within the same slice. With comparable pallasites like Glorieta Mountain selling at $50/gram and Esquel at $40/gram, this beautiful material is the most affordable quality pallasite in the world today, but the supply is quickly diminishing and prices are rapidly rising on this desirable meteorite.
Worldwide interest in meteorites continues to grow and olivine-rich Seymchan specimens are now extremely difficult to acquire. Raw, unprepared masses now sell for the same dollar per gram rate as fully polished slices did only five years ago. We are pleased to present these few, highly desirable full slices.

SEYMCHAN 145.3 grams
IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia
145.3 gram full slice

Elegant, full slice, etched and polished on both faces with rich, multi-colored crystals and slight translucency.

140 mm x 85 mm x 3 mm  

SEYMCHAN 207.6 grams
IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia
207.6 gram full slice

Nice large sliced with a colorful and exotic olivine crystal cluster at one edge. A fabulous display piece, rich in color and with a vibrant etch.

137 mm x 87 mm x 4 mm  


SEYMCHAN 148.2 grams
IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia
148.2 gram etched slice

A long angular, pallasite slice with clusters of olivine crystals encased in a sea of nickel iron.

188 mm x 63 mm x 3 mm  

SEYMCHAN 225.7 grams
IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia
225.7 gram etched slice

A wonderful elongated full slice with distinct Widmanstatten pattern and a loose banding of dark olivine crystal clusters.

217 mm x 66 mm x 4 mm  


SEYMCHAN 503.7 grams
Pallasite (PAL), IIE Found 1967, Magadan, Russia

One of the real gems of the Aerolite catalog, this large and magnificent oval full slice shows a multitude of crystals including a long olivine-rich band, and a glorious, clear, sharp etch. The finest pallasite slice we've offered for sale in a long time. More >>>

503.7 grams
307 mm x 112 mm x 4 mm

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