• Meteorite Type: Gibeon, Iron (IVA)
    • Plaque Measurements: 4.5"w x 2.5"h
    • Approximate Meteorite Measurements: 10 mm x 10 mm
    • Additional Information: Perfect table top display! Metal plaque with information on the Gibeon iron meteorite, and actual square etched sample of Gibeon adhered to the front face. Because each meteorite is unique, you will receive a similar piece of Gibeon on your metal plaque, but not exactly as photographed.
  • Gibeon Spheres

    • Meteorite Type: Iron, IVA
    • Weight: Spheres range from <1g - 15g
    • Approximate Measurements:  5mm - 15mm round
    • Additional Information: Magnificent fully etched Gibeon spheres! A perfect addition to any collection. Note: Because every meteorite is unique, the piece you receive will be similar to the one photographed, but not exactly the same.
    • Meteorite Type: Iron, IVA
    • Weight: 5.8 kilograms
    • Approximate Measurements: 241 mm x 133 mm x 84 mm
    • Additional Information: Most Gibeons are quite angular in appearance, likely the result of in-flight explosions, or terrestrial weathering, or both. In rare cases, complete individuals are recovered, and this specimen is one such example. Weighing in at an impressive 5.8 kg (12 3/4 lbs), this gorgeous iron meteorite shows abundant regmaglypts (thumbprints) on its surface — indicators of ablation during its furious flight through Earth’s atmosphere. It is presented in as-found condition with attractive dark red and brown desert patina. In one photo it seems to resemble an owl; in another an elongated boot, hence its name. Please note the field number "5.8," likely painted by the finder at the time of its discovery in the Namib Desert. Field numbers are usually seen to add a modest amount of uniqueness, value, and collectibility to a meteorite, but this number could easily be removed if so desired.
      Further: This fine specimen shows an extremely rare small natural hole and its position is indicated in one image by a white string.