Agni Manitite 18.7g


Impactite Type: Pseudo tektite
Approximate Measurements: 31 mm x 27 mm x 20 mm

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Pseudo tektites known as Agni Manitite (also referred to as “Pearl of the Divine Fire” or “Fire Pearls”) come from the island of Java in Indonesia. Agni is Sanskrit for “fire” and the name of the god of fire of Hinduism. In Indian religions, fire is one of five inert impermanent elements, the other four being space, water, air, and earth. Translations for “mani” in ancient Sanskrit are closest to the English word for “jewel.”

Agni Manitite specimens vary in size but are characterized by the delicate grooves that cover their surface. In his book titled “Agni Mani: Magic Gem from the Moon,” purported to be non-fiction, Baron Richard J.H. de Touche-Skadding writes that Agni Manitites were presented to Winston Churchill, Lord Louis Mountbatten, and Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth in the 1940s with hopes that they would be blessed with their legendary good fortune.

Some believe Agni Manitites are a rare form of obsidian that were created during volcanic activity.

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