Aletai 112.0 g


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  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IIIE-an
  • Weight: 112.0 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 85 mm x 70 mm x 4 mm
  • Additional Information: Etched and polished full slice

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Iron IIIE, found in China 1898

History: A large iron was found by a local farmer in a valley in a mountainous area of Aletai County. It was surrounded by rocks and half buried. A small specimen was taken for analysis. Heavy machinery was used to move the meteorite from the valley to the discoverer’s home. Physical characteristics: The kamacite bandwidth is 0.89±0.41 mm. Petrography: The major phases of the meteorite are kamacite, taenite, and plessite. Minor phases include schreibersite, daubréelite, troilite, and haxonite.

Aletai is an anomalous IIIE. It has the highest Gold concentration in the group, and its Iridium concentration is much higher than that inferred through the trend of the other group members.” 

-As stated by the Meteoritic Bulletin

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Weight 112.0 g


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