Canyon Diablo 33.8kg

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  • Meteorite Type: Iron IAB-MG
  • Weight: 33.8 kilograms
  • Approximate Measurements: 330 mm x 203 mm x 177 mm
  • Additional Information: This uncommonly large and excellent specimen displays a particularly attractive hue of Canyon Diablo’s characteristic reddish-bronze natural patina, as well as abundant fine surface features. Examples of this meteorite with such a striking shape and impressive size appear are very rarely offered, and Canyon Diablo is a must for collectors of historic meteorites and crater-forming irons. Note the (natural) spherical indentation where a soft inclusion, probably graphite, boiled out during flight or weathered away after its fall to Earth. Note also its small pointed “feet” that allow it to stand up easily, making it a lovely display piece that displays magnificently from all angles.

Please view the 360 degree video below.


While the vast majority of all recovered Canyon Diablo specimens are shrapnel — shard-like pieces that were ripped apart by the explosive forces of impact and crater formation — the regmaglypts on this piece show it to be a rare and desirable complete individual that landed as a whole mass.

An exceptionally fine example from the world’s most famous impact site and highly desirable.

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Weight 33800 g


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