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Eos: Goddess of Dawn, Bencubbin Necklace


  • Meteorite Type: Bencubbin
  • Jewelry Type: 14k gold
  • Measurements: 17 mm round
  • Additional Information: When giving a gift from Earth simply isn’t enough, give jewelry created from authenticated rocks sent from the heavens. Genuine Bencubbin meteorite carefully hand-sawn and elegantly set in 14k gold. For the discriminating eye.

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Eos is the personification of the dawn. According to mythology, she is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun god Helios and Selene, the moon goddess. She rises each morning from her home, at the edge of the river Oceanus, and drives her two-horse chariot across the sky, heralding her brother’s arrival.

In Homeric epics, Eos’ most common epithet is Rhododactylos, or “rosy-fingered,” which recalls for us the delicate beauty of the Bencubbin class of meteorites. Like the dawn, Bencubbinites are of two worlds. Though they are stone carbonaceous chondrites, their composition gives them a unique appearance; like Eos heralding the coming of her brother, Helios, a smattering of metal clasts offset its achondritic silicate matrix.
The following Orphic Hymn describes Eos as the ringer of the new day: Hear, O goddess, you bring the light of day to mortals resplendent Dawn, you blush throughout the world messenger of the great, the illustrious Titan.

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