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Galaxy Series: Metal Backed Necklace with Actual Moon Dust


  • Meteorite Type: Lunar dust
  • Jewelry Type: Necklace
  • Pendant Measurements:  30 mm round x 4 mm

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This gorgeous pendant contains 100% authentic dust from a moon meteorite! The dust is nestled against a metal backing with a full moon photograph, contained in a round hand-poured resin necklace.  Just like every meteorite, every necklace is absolutely one-of-a-kind, perfect as a gift for someone special — including yourself!

How did we get moon dust? Occasionally meteorites will hit the Moon with enough force to throw fragments of the parent body out into space. Against all odds, some of those pieces have traveled through space and encountered Earth. Moon dust is collected when we saw a larger meteorite into slices, similar to sawdust!

Please indicate your choice of cord color selection in notes on order or one will be selected for you. Upgraded chain available upon request, please inquire.