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Iron Meteorite Cufflinks: Square


  • Meteorite Type: Gibeon, found in Namibia, 1836
  • Jewelry Type: Solid sterling silver
  • Individual Cufflink Measurement: 18 mm square
  • Additional Information: When giving a gift from Earth simply isn’t enough, give jewelry created from authenticated rocks sent from the heavens. Genuine iron meteorites carefully hand-sawn and handsomely set.

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The most visually intriguing of meteorites are also the heaviest and the most recognizable. They come to us from large asteroids with molten cores that once orbited the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Extremely slow cooling of those cores, over millions of years, allowed nickel-iron alloys to crystallize into fantastic geometric structures known as Widmanstätten Patterns. Much like snowflakes, the pattern of every iron meteorite is unique.
Please see measurements for size. Each pair is custom made, and takes two weeks to create. Please be patient. Yours will be similar to the one photographed, but not exactly the same.

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Weight 50 g