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Ordinary Chondrite L5 167.0g


  • Meteorite Type: Ordinary Chondrite L5
  • Weight: 167.0 grams
  • Approximate Measurements:  113 mm x 91 mm x 5 mm

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NWA 11205

The L5 chondrite Northwest Africa (NWA) 11205 was acquired in 2016 in Morocco. The find consisted of a single stone weighing 2.88 kg. Classification was carried out by the Institute of Meteoritics at UNM Albuquerque. Cutting and preparation in the laboratory revealed an attractive and very dark matrix, ranging in hue from a deep army green to greys and black. Numerous chondrules are visible, along with abundant nickel-iron flecks of varying sizes and — to the delight of collectors — some recrystallized matrix! In geologic terms, recrystallization is a metamorphic process in which a new structure is formed when existing materials are compacted through heat and pressure. In other words, before it became a meteorite, this extraterrestrial material was partially crushed and melted, most likely on this meteorite’s parent body (asteroid). Recrystallized meteorites give us a glimpse into the monumental processes at work on the ancient asteroids that are the origin point of chondrites such as NWA 11205.

One face of this lovely full slice has been left unpolished and saw marks are visible. The primary (display) face has been beautifully prepared with a fine polish, revealing a delightful mix of color, chondrule, and recrystallized melt material and might almost be imagined as a cosmic illustration of the interior of a long-vanished asteroid.

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Weight 167.0 g