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NWA 11304 395.1g Slice and Individual


  • Meteorite Type: Rumuruti chondrite (R4)
  • Weight: 395.1 grams combined (Ind. 386.2g, Slice 8.9g)
  • Approximate Measurements: 143 mm x 65 mm x 29 mm, 48 mm x 42 mm x 2 mm
  • Additional Information: The largest individual in inventory paired with a gorgeous expertly prepared full slice

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Rumuruti chondrite (R4), Found in Northwest Africa, Classified April 2018

The R class of chondrites is one of the rarest classes of chondrites. This pairing falls into one of only 60 total known meteorites with an R4 classification!

Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) The specimen is a breccia mostly composed of well-formed, relatively small chondrules (apparent diameter 250±150 µm, N = 12) in a finer grained matrix (~30 vol.%), but some petrologically-similar, angular lithic clasts (including type 3 and type 4 clasts) are also present. Both olivine and orthopyroxene have very magnesian cores, but the predominant mafic minerals are much more ferroan. Other minerals are clinopyroxene, sodic plagioclase, pentlandite, pyrrhotite and magnetite. – As listed by the Meteoritical Bulletin

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Weight 395.1 g