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Ordinary Chondrite Matched Set 2,863.8g


Approximate Measurements: 184 mm x 134 mm x 112 mm and 113 mm x 73 mm x 25 mm

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These were once one stone, that broke apart and fell as two. One half intact, with glorious orientation and a sea of beautifully sculpted regmaglypts. The other with a window, to peer inside this marvelous stone.

Official numbers and names are assigned only to meteorites that have gone through the complex and time-consuming process of classification by an accredited laboratory. There are only a small number of labs in the world authorized to do this type of specialized work. As resources are limited, finders / owners sometimes elect not to go through the classification process and, instead, assign an unofficial designation, like “NWA XXX” to a particular meteorite. Such is the case with this attractive stone.


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Weight 3000 g