Santa Rosa 292.6g


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  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IC
  • Weight: 292.69 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 156 mm x 76 mm x 5 mm
  • Additional Information: Remarkable hefty slice with two inclusions and elegant Widmanstätten pattern. A lovely piece.

1 in stock


Final studies of the recovered masses has left us theorizing about this rare and unusual space rock’s history — there are surprising microstructure variations from specimen to specimen thought to be caused by sustained high heat with temperatures from 500-550° Celsius. These differences are not thought to be caused by artificial reheating, however. As it is unlikely that an anvil could be 500° Celsius for extended periods of time. So alternatives are theorized: the meteorite, while inside its parent body or circling in the cosmos, suffered a decomposition of cohenite at one end while next to nothing happened at the other. Or, the deceleration and rupturing during it’s flight through our atmosphere was so violent that some of the masses were reheated. And finally, that a shock event that produced the melted troilite was weakened in force in one area, while others were heated selectively and sharp temperature gradients took place around them, causing the bizarre structure.

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Weight 292 g


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