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Black Dust Meteorite Necklace


  • Meteorite Type: Iron IVA, Found in Namibia, 1836
  • Approximate Pendant Measurements: 28 mm x 12 mm and is suspended on black rope
  • Approximate Vial Weight: 5 grams
  • Additional Information: Just like the creation of sawdust, meteorite dust is made when a larger specimen is sawn into slices. We catch the dust and present it to you in a captivating glass vial. This sweet and perfect vial contains actual iron meteorite dust! Genuine and authentic as described.

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Dated back to a find in 1836, the Gibeon iron meteorite was the molten core of a planetoid that has fallen to earth. We have made the extraterrestrial metal into wearable pieces of art. 

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Weight 5 g