Stone Meteorite From Northwest Africa 17.6kg


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  • Meteorite Type: Stone (Unclassified Chondrite)
  • Weight:  17.6 kilograms
  • Approximate Measurements: 310 mm x 190 mm x 215 mm
  • Additional Information: Mighty stone meteorite with prominent line showing where it landed and was partially buried in Earth’s surface after it’s mighty journey hurtling through space. The top side is covered with cooling cracks and some regmaglypts. A hefty show-stopper! 

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NWA XXX stone meteorites are found in the Saharan Desert in Northwest Africa, likely by nomads. In order to classify them it would be necessary to cut off a section for analysis. Although they are exceedingly rare when compared to terrestrial rocks, these are the most abundant type of meteorite and are referred to as “common chondrites.” H and L (designating the amount of metal contained) type chondrites have been already extensively studied, and so these attractive stones have been left intact. Composed largely of spherical grain-like silicate chondrules, these stone meteorites were likely once part of the crust of a planet or large asteroid. Some academics believe that chondrules are older than the solar system!

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Weight 17600 g


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