“The Algerian Iron” 2,401g


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  • Meteorite Type: Iron, unclassified
  • Weight: 2,401 grams
  • Approximate dimensions: 152 mm x 113 mm x 64 mm 

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This incredible singular iron was found in the Algerian desert in December of 2004. It was purchased from Aerolite in 2008 and has recently appeared after 10 years of being adored in a private collection. It is the only known example of this meteorite and is highly oriented showing a wealth of thumbprints, flowlines, and rollover lips. It is too lovely to cut, so it has not been classified. What it lacks in official name, it makes up for in uncharacteristically amazing appearance and rarity. It is accompanied by the original large 8 x 10 color Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by Geoffrey Notkin.

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