Valera 13.0 g


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  • Meteorite Type: Chondrite L5
  • Weight: 13.0 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 61 mm x 21 mm x 4 mm 
  • Witnessed Fall: Yes
  • Additional Information: Laboratory prepared slice

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As stated in the Meteoritical Bulletin:


Trujillo, Venezuela

Fell 1972 October 15

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

On the evening of 1972 October 15, a bright light accompanied by a loud noise was witnessed near the El Tinajero farm.  The next morning, Dr. Arginiro Gonzales and his guest, Juan Dionicio Delgado, discovered that a cow had apparently been killed by a falling stone. The stone had broken into three pieces weighing 38, 8, and 4 kg, respectively.  The largest specimen remained outdoors for decades after the fall. Classification and mineralogy (A. Rubin, UCLA): olivine, Fa24.2±0.3; shock stage, S4; weathering grade, W3. Specimens: main mass, 24 kg, DPitt; 6 kg, Cott; 4 kg, Alan Lang; type specimen, 100 g, UCLA.

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Weight 13.0 g


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