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Meteorite watches are made-to-order and provide a timeless way to dream of the stars!


Choose from sterling silver, interchangeable iron meteorite and impactite bracelets.


Uber popular and rarely in stock — extraterrestrial metal and/or dinosaur bone wearable pieces of art!

NORTHWEST AFRICA 11288 (Martian)

Martian Shergottite, found in Morocco in 2015

A Martian impact melt is most likely the result of a giant meteorite crashing into Mars and melting Martian target rock into a new form. That in itself is remarkable. As any type of impact melt — even in the abundant chondrite family — is highly unusual. So, here we have an exceptionally rare Martian impact melt that also displays vugs.

The word vug is a geological term that describes a cavity found within a rock matrix. In terrestrial formations, vugs are a prime environment for the formation of crystals of varying types. Vugs are almost never seen in meteorites. The first known Martian meteorites were identified by the small pockets of Martian atmosphere they contained. It is likely, or possible, that the comparatively large vugs in NWA 11288 once held within them the thin and alien atmosphere of Mars! The total known find weight of this rare meteorite is 407 grams. We have very few slices available.


Dress up or down —  wear these gems with a simple white shirt or to a black tie affair and allow these beautiful statement pieces to take center stage.


Beautiful, ethereal creations. These lovely pieces are available only in the sizes listed and are hand-created and completely unique. Aerolite exclusives.


Exquisite rings with etched inlays with dinosaur bone and/or iron meteorite. Each ring is custom created for you by one of the world’s leading meteorite jewelry specialists. Turnaround time is up to six weeks. All of our rings are 100% authentic and are presented in a beautiful display box.


Tie clips and tie tacks feature unique materials such as dinosaur bone and meteorite on a back drop of silver. Pair them with cuff links to round off the look of your formal affair.


Create your own 100% custom jewelry piece and start with our genuine meteorite and impactite cabochons! Choose your own artist, or select from one of our experienced and trusted jewelers and silversmiths.


The extraterrestrial faceted gemstone! In the Pilot, Season Two “Alpha Gemstones,” and Season Three “Homestead” episodes of Meteorite Men, hosts Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold traversed barren fields in Kansas and unearthed massive pallasite meteorites. Contained within these visitors from space are one of three rarest gemstones on our planet, and they are not even from Earth!

Successful experimentation resulted in extracting and faceting gem-quality stones from rough meteorite masses. Thus producing incredible Pallasitic peridot. These stones contain inclusions — which are fingerprints — proving they came from space, and not from Earth.

The GIA has officially recognized the Admire peridot crystals as a new and unique gemstone, exhibiting features never before seen in extraterrestrial peridot.

Exceedingly rare, beautiful, and scientifically important.