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About Aerolite

About Aerolite

METEORITES ARE THE MOST REMARKABLE THINGS on our planet and they are the only things we can own that are not originally from this planet. Meteorites are rocks that have fallen to Earth from outer space, and survived a fiery passage through our atmosphere. They are the remnants of long-dead planets and asteroids, and most originated in the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Others may have traveled even further, their origins lying in distant, unknown points outside our own solar system. Some meteorites may be all that has survived from the nucleus of an ancient comet. Others, such as carbonaceous chondrites, are believed to contain materials that pre-date our own planet and even the Solar System itself! As such, they are the oldest things any human has ever touched and carry within whispers of an existence so ancient we can barely comprehend it.

I am an author, adventurer, meteorite recovery specialist, photographer, television host and producer, and have traveled much of the world in search of meteorites and other natural history wonders. I hosted the multi award-winning TV adventure series Meteorite Men for Discovery Science and won two Emmys for my work in educational television with STEM Journals. I currently host a web series, Meteorite Minute, which is viewable free on YouTube.

I have guest-starred on NASA EDGE, Ancient Aliens, American Chopper, Cosmic Collisions, How The Earth Was Made and many other programs. I am a member of world-famous Explorers Club, as well as The International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA), and The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS). I am on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society (NSS), the Board of Directors of The Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI) and the Advisory Board of Deep Space Industries (DSI).

My great interest in meteorites, paleontology and natural history has taken me from the southern end of South America, to the desolate northern tip of Siberia, and to over forty other countries. I am the author of three books, Meteorite Hunting: How to Find Treasure from Space (IPPY Award winner), and two memoirs, Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man, and My Incredibly Strange and Amazing Real-Life Adventures in the World of Comic Books. My expeditions have also been recorded in numerous published articles, and my writing and photography have appeared in Astronomy magazine, Sky & TelescopeAstronomy Now, All About Space, Wired magazine, The Explorer’s Journal, Meteorite magazine, Rock & Gem, Geotimes, Lapidary Journal, Seed, Meteoryt (Poland), Reader’s DigestTucson ShowguideTIMA(Japan), The Village Voice, New York Press, and many other national and international publications. Please see my Bibliography of Published Works for further information.

I am a TEDx speaker and have been interviewed by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Crain’s and and have appeared on Coast to Coast and the Today show. The asteroid 132904, discovered at Mount Palomar, was officially named “Notkin” by the Minor Planet Center in recognition of my work in science, education, and the arts.

“Aerolite” is an archaic, rarely-used English word for meteorite. I was born in New York City, but grew up in England, and called Europe home for more than twenty years. I have lived in London, Boston, New York, and the American Southwest. Aerolite Meteorites’ mission is to make top quality, affordable meteorites available to collectors and institutions. Meteorite sales from this website go directly towards funding future expeditions and those expeditions, in turn, make new published works and research possible. A question we are often asked is do we have “meteors for sale.” Meteors are the shooting stars we see in the night sky. Any part of a meteor that makes it to earth becomes a meteorite, so we actually have “meteorites for sale,” not meteors.
If you are interested in purchasing an authentic meteorite, please contact us. We work with collectors and enthusiasts of all levels. We were all beginners once, and we welcome new collectors! If you have a question, please ask — that’s how we all learn. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We ship anywhere in the world, and make sure every one of our customers is happy.

And now, I invite you to explore our website, and begin your own adventure in the world of meteorites. Highlights include our Gallery of Meteorite PhotographyMeteorite Sales Catalogue, and our collection of meteorite hunting photos which showcases my best adventure photography.
Thank you for your interest in Aerolite Meteorites. We are proud to make our home
in the great city of Tucson, Arizona — the meteorite capital of the world.

Watch the skies!

Geoffrey Notkin
CEO of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc.