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About Aerolite


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Aerolite Meteorites, Inc. is a multifaceted meteorite corporation based in Tucson, Arizona, with an additional office in the United Kingdom. Outside of sales, we also provide meteorite education, donation, research, recovery. Aerolite provides authenticated meteorites to a discerning clientele, from individual collectors to leading educational museums and institutions worldwide. Our company supplied a genuine iron meteorite for use in Hugh Jackman’s film Wolverine, as well as an 88-pound iron meteorite as a birthday present for rock musician Sting.

Aerolite was founded by Geoffrey Notkin, star of TV’s Meteorite Men, who serves as CEO. Geoff is a world adventurer, meteorite expert and science writer, a TEDx Speaker, filmmaker, and member of the National Space Society’s Board of Governors. He has traveled the world searching for meteorites and speaking to international audiences about his passion for these valuable and alluring rocks from outer space.

Meteorites are the most remarkable things on Earth and the only items people may own that are not from this planet. Most meteorites originated in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, while others may have traveled from even greater distances. Some meteorites are believed to contain materials that pre-date our solar system, making them the oldest items any human has ever touched. All meteorites in our online catalog are guaranteed to be authentic and as described.

Every Aerolite specimen comes with a specimen identification card; Certificates of Authenticity are available upon request. We are professional members of the International Meteorite Collectors’ Association (IMCA) and the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS)., along with the GMA. Sales from our website help fund expeditions, which generate new research, published works, and educational programming. We do our very best to gather the most up-to-date scientific findings and reports on meteorites, as such, the world in scientific study is forever changing. We will not be held liable for mis-information presented on our website.

If you are interested in purchasing an authentic meteorite, please contact us. We work with collectors and enthusiasts of all levels. We were all beginners once, and we welcome new collectors! If you have a question, please ask — that’s how we all learn. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and ship anywhere in the world.

And now, we invite you to explore our website, and begin your own adventure in the world of meteorites. Highlights include our Gallery of Meteorite PhotographyMeteorite Sales Catalogue, and our collection of meteorite hunting photos which showcases my best adventure photography.

Thank you for your interest in Aerolite Meteorites.