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Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space is the first and only comprehensive guide to the exciting and sometimes lucrative science of recovering meteorites, written by one of the best-known personalities in the field and host of Science Channel’s hit television series “Meteorite Men.” It includes detailed information on how to locate, excavate, and identify rocks from space, and is filled with insider information from an internationally recognized meteorite specialist. “Meteorite Hunting” is illustrated with over 100 exclusive color photographs and diagrams.

If you have ever dreamed of finding your own space rock then this is the book for you. In 16 chapters, “Meteorite Hunting” compares and explains different hunting strategies, examines strewnfields and craters, and discusses the best field equipment. It also clarifies the importance of research, advises prospective hunters how to go about gaining permission to hunt on private land, describes how meteorites are named and classified, and includes a fully illustrated visual guide to meteorite identification in the lab and in the field.

“Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space” won a 2012 IPPY Award as one of the best independently-published science books of the year.


This book is a rewarding read. It has science, humor, and beauty, resulting in great awe of the solar system.” — Dr. Arthur J. Ehlmann, emeritus curator, Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection, TCU

“In 1997, on our first expedition to Chile’s Atacama Desert, I learned that Geoff was a natural at meteorite hunting. It wasn’t until later, however, when Geoff wrote an amazing account of that excursion in a magazine article, that I also began to appreciate his literary skills. If you enjoy Geoff on ‘Meteorite Men’ you are going to love this book. No commercials, no meteorwrongs, no me interrupting him with offers of beef jerky — just Geoff waxing eloquent about these remarkable treasures from space. It doesn’t get any better than this!” — Steve Arnold, professional meteorite hunter, co-host of “Meteorite Men”

“Geoffrey Notkin is a mild-mannered Englishman who, once he dons his hunting gear, becomes an intrepid explorer for treasure. His quarry is not of this planet, but fragments of other planets that have landed on Earth. His searches take him to remote locations all over the globe and his accounts are filled with adventure, daring, and a shared sense of humanity. Why would a seemingly normal person take up such a pursuit? Because the fragments he finds tell us about the origins of our solar system and our place in the universe.” — Dr Joel L. Schiff, founding editor and publisher, “Meteorite” magazine

This book has a place on any meteorite collector’s shelf. I particularly like the glossy pages with wonderful pictures. The pictures of Geoff, and Geoff and Steve hunting meteorites and the meteorites are fantastic. Excellent photography and book amounts to a “how-to” for hunting meteorites. — Dr. Walter Branch, meteorite collector.

Is This A Meteorite? Field Testing Guide
If you are interested in learning more about the subject please download our Is This A Meteorite? Field Testing Guide — a detailed and fully-illustrated 24-page booklet, available as a PDF file• 24 pages with exclusive photos. It contains detailed information on meteorites and meteorite identification.


Geoff Notkin starred in three seasons of the multi award-winning television adventure series Meteorite Men for Discovery networks and two seasons of STEM Journals, for which he received two Emmy Awards. He has also appeared in shows for Nat Geo, History Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, PBS, A&E, NASA EDGE, and the BBC. He is an author, world traveler, meteorite specialist, TEDx speaker, CEO of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc., and president of Desert Owl Productions, Inc. Geoff has appeared on Coast to Coastand the Today show, and has been interviewed by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post,, and Universe Today, among others. He is a television and film producer and his credits include Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth, and the documentaries Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously, and First to the Moon: The Story of Apollo 8.

An award-winning author, Geoff has published hundreds of articles on meteorite science, paleontology, astronomy, adventure travel, history, and the arts, with his work appearing in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Sky & Telescope, USA Today, Wired, Reader’s Digest, The Village Voice, Seed and many other publications. He is the author of three books including the IPPY Award-winner Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space. His spaceflight column Throwing Pebbles at the Sky is exclusive to the National Space Society magazine, Ad Astra.

Geoff has worked with most of the world’s major institutions including The American Museum of Natural History, New York; The Natural History Museum, London; and the Vienna Museum of Natural History. He is a member of The Explorer’s Club, is on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, the Advisory Board of Deep Space Industries, and the Board of Directors of the Astrosociology Research Institute. The minor planet 132904, discovered at Mount Palomar, was officially named “Notkin” by the Minor Planet Center in recognition of Geoff’s contributions to science and education.

Adventuring has taken Geoff to over fifty countries and some of our planet’s most remote areas including northern Siberia, Chile’s Atacama Desert, the Australian Outback, and he has three times crossed the Arctic Circle.

By the age of seven Geoff was already an avid rock hound, fossil collector, and amateur astronomer. “I was amazed that you could see other worlds through a telescope from an English garden,” Geoff states. “The epiphany came to me at London’s Geological Museum, as a child. In the Hall of Meteorites I realized that the study of meteorites is the perfect combination of geology and astronomy. I have been hooked ever since.”

Geoff was born on 14th street in Manhattan and grew up in London, England. He studied in London, Boston and New York, and now resides in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.