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We are delighted to present the finest in genuine meteorite jewelry. Most of our pieces are handmade exclusively for Aerolite Meteorites by top designers and silversmiths, making them truly unique, one-of-a-kind celestial gifts.



Exquisite rings with etched inlays of the famous Gibeon iron meteorite. Gibeon is our recommended meteorite for rings because of its attractive pattern and excellent stability. Each ring is custom created for you by one of the world’s leading meteorite jewelry specialists. Turnaround time is up to six weeks. All of our rings are 100% authentic and are presented in a beautiful display box.


The extraterrestrial faceted gemstone! In the Pilot, Season Two “Alpha Gemstones,” and Season Three “Homestead” episodes of Meteorite Men, hosts Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold traversed barren fields in Kansas and unearthed massive pallasite meteorites. Contained within these visitors from space are one of three rarest gemstones on our planet, and they are not even from Earth!

Successful experimentation resulted in extracting and faceting gem-quality stones from rough meteorite masses. Thus producing incredible Pallasitic peridot. These stones contain inclusions — which are fingerprints — proving they came from space, and not from Earth.

The GIA has officially recognized the Admire peridot crystals as a new and unique gemstone, exhibiting features never before seen in extraterrestrial peridot.

Exceedingly rare, beautiful, and scientifically important.


Superb Sikhote-Alin meteorite pendants, designed and hand crafted by noted Tucson silversmith Lisa Marie of Sirocco Design. A rare, unique and extraordinary gift for the star in your life, and an Aerolite Meteorites exclusive.


Beautiful, ethereal meteorite and impactite creations by The Velvet Sea. These lovely wrapped pieces are available both in sterling silver and gold, and feature iron meteorites, Libyan Desert Glass, and moldavites. An Aerolite Meteorites exclusive.