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Expedition Scrapbook

Our adventure scrapbook is a collection of favorite images from many years of expeditions around the world and were taken with both digital and film cameras.

These pages are the result of tens of thousands of miles of travel, some of it hazardous, some of it exciting, but all of it with cameras in hand. Geoff can be seen in many of these images, and those were taken with a tripod and timer, or by setting up a camera and asking an expedition partner to take the shot for him.

Many times, we had to put down a backpack or metal detector, pull a truck over to the side of a rocky track, or strip off some mosquito netting to take a picture. At those times — eager as we were to continue with the hunt — we had to force ourselves to stop and preserve a view, or an event, on film. These images are the progeny of those moments when we stopped to take a breath, and a picture.