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Meteorite Men


Meteorite Men has won two Telly Awards and was aired worldwide on Discovery networks and other channels. It has introduced millions of people to meteorite science and recovery and resulted in many important new finds. To learn more about Meteorite Men or watch the episodes, please read on.

pilot episode MM

PILOT (Alpha and Brenham)
Original broadcast date: May 10, 2009

Meteorite hunters and travel adventurers Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold journey to the top secret site — code named “Alpha” — to search for pallasite meteorites. Later, they travel to a strewnfield in Brenham, Kansas and make an impressive discovery. Their expedition ends at the Gemological Institute of America where the guys learn that their finds contain something rare and valuable, and never before seen in a meteorite.

whitecourt crater

Season One, Episode Two. Original broadcast date: January 20, 2010 

In this episode, Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin set out to the Great White North. Their destination is Saskatchewan, Canada where they investigate a fireball that dropped hundreds of stone meteorites. Unfortunately, the guys run into an unexpected snowstorm which forces a sudden change in plans. The adaptable duo instead head to northern Alberta where they receive an exclusive invitation to explore the recently-discovered Whitecourt iron meteorite crater. Later, will a visit with Dr. Chris Herd at the University of Alberta confirm or deny the significance of their finds? Watch here to find out!

odessa-meteorite men

Season One, Episode Three. Original broadcast date: January 27, 2010 

Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold adventure travel Odessa, Texas to a famous 63,000 year-old meteorite crater, accompanied by a dazzling array of the latest meteorite hunting equipment: ground penetrating radar, a military bomb detector, and the mighty Rockhound — a go-anywhere amphibious tracked ride that gives new meaning to the phrase “all terrain vehicle.” Braving temperatures in excess of 105 degrees, the Meteorite Men use every trick and tactic in their search for space rocks, and stumble upon a surprising discovery!

Meteorite Men Tucson Ring

Season One, Episode Four. Original broadcast date: February 3,  2010 

The Meteorite Men head south to Arizona and dive into the legend of the mysterious Tucson Ring — a giant iron meteorite discovered in the 1800s. Local lore insists that the Ring was only one of many meteorites hidden in the remote and dangerous Santa Rita Mountains. After encounters with scorpions, unexploded ammunition and intense heat, Geoff and Steve visit with Dr. Laurence Garvie at the Center For Meteorite Studies at ASU to try and solve the mystery.

gold basin meteorite men

Season One, Episode Five. Original broadcast date: February 10,  2010 

For an entire decade Geoff and Steve have dreamed of exploring the nearly inaccessible northern end of the zone at the famous meteorite strewnfield of Gold Basin. To reach it, the Meteorite Men travel to the harsh deserts of Arizona, adorned with their snake gators. It takes months to acquire a special permit to hunt for only 72 hours in the dangerous area on Federal preserve land that is off-limits to the public where they follow a secret treasure map bequeathed to them by their late friend and mentor, Professor Jim Kriegh, discoverer of the Gold Basin meteorite. Will they have enough time to make any significant finds?

Season One, Episode Six. Original broadcast date: February 17, 2010

Steve and Geoff team up with maverick meteorite hunter Sonny Clary for an unforgettable adventure in the Great Basin. Sonny and his meteorite hunting dog Brix lead them to the site of a puzzling discovery, and the Meteorite Men come home with more than they bargained for. Also: The Alamo Breccia where, 370 million years ago, a gigantic meteorite devastated what is now central Nevada. A close call with Area 51 and an enlightening lab visit with Dr. Garvie round out this fan-favorite episode.

Meteorite Men ash creek

Season One, Episode Seven. Original broadcast date: February 24, 2010

Geoff and his Aerolite Meteorites team track an elusive fireball in heat-ravaged Arizona, while Steve investigates an office-smashing meteorite in Virginia. Later, the Meteorite Men rendezvous in central Texas at the fall site of the Ash Creek fireball, with fellow hunter Ruben Garcia and Hopper the Meteorite Dog. This action-packed episode ends with a trip to the world famous Tucson gem and mineral show.

Meteorite Men/American Chopper

Season Two, Episode One. Original broadcast date: November 2, 2010

Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold return to the secret “Alpha” site, but this time with a new secret weapon. During a research and development visit to Orange County Choppers in New York, they help plan the build of a monster meteorite hunting motorcycle, which is delivered to them by American Chopper star Paul Senior. With the help of their off-road bike and experimental metal detectors, the guys follow the old Santa Fe trail and uncover a gemstone-laden monster space rock that dwarfs their previous Alpha finds.

Meteorite Men/Imilac

Season Two, Episode Two. Original broadcast date: November 9, 2010

In this overseas episode of Meteorite Men, Steve and Geoff revisit the site where their hunting partnership began back in 1997: the Imilac pallasite strewnfield high in Chile’s Atacama Desert. It is winter in the driest desert on the planet, but with new equipment and greater determination, the guys persevere through the harshest of conditions and — at 11,000 feet on the desolate plains of Vaca Muerta — make a significant discovery. Also: Steve meets some jumping sheep, and Geoff accidentally frightens a hotel manager.

Meteorite Men monturaqui

Season Two, Episode Three. Original broadcast date: November 16, 2010

Geoff’s dream location for hunting meteorites comes true during this second Chile episode when the guys find their way to the Atacama Desert’s remote Monturaqui Crater, and camp overnight on the floor of the stunning 100,000 year-old impact site. After a private tour of the giant mountaintop telescopes at the European Southern Observatory in Paranal, the guys throw down with the puzzling San Juan strewnfield — a site that seems to have produced more meteorites per square mile than any other location on Earth.

pilot episode MM

Season Two, Episode Four. Original broadcast date: November 23, 2010

Steve and Geoff drop everything and race to Utah when they learn of hundreds of people witnessing a night time fireball over Salt Lake City, Utah. After days of searching and communicating with their Doppler radar expert, Rob Matson, the guys are horrified to conclude that any surviving meteorites must have landed on the top secret Dugway Proving Ground — an area so clandestine it is nicknamed Area 52. Geoff and Steve must go all the way to the Pentagon in an attempt to gain access to the classified military facility. Will they succeed? Watch to find out!