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We are TV’s Meteorite Men!

Aerolite Meteorites President, Geoff Notkin, starred in three seasons of Science Channel’s international adventure series, Meteorite Men, along with his friend and hunting partner, Steve Arnold. The show won two Telly Awards and has been seen by millions of people all over the world. Meteorite Men sparked a global interest in meteorite and meteorite collecting, and prompted numerous new meteorite finds worldwide.

Geoff has also guest starred in many other television shows including The Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures (meteorite episode with Becky Worley), Globe Trekker, Wired Science, American Chopper, Shipping Wars, Nat Geo’s Our Atmosphere, Cosmic Collisions for Discovery Channel, How the Earth was Made for History Channel and many others.

Geoff received two Emmy Awards and two more Telly Awards for his work as host and Executive Producer on two seasons of STEM Journals.


Aerolite Meteorites owner Geoff Notkin and his long-time friend and expedition partner, Steve Arnold, star in Science Channel’s exciting new adventure series Meteorite Men. The world premiere of Season One was on January 20, 2010. Meteorite Men is currently airing on Science.
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Photograph by Sonya Gay Bourn


Meteorite hunters Geoffrey Notkin and Steve Arnold filmed in Pima County, Arizona and Kiowa County, Kansas during September, for a new three-part science documentary which aired on The Discovery Channel in 2009. The first segment was filmed at the Aerolite Meteorites offices in Tucson, followed by five days of field work in the Brenham, Kansas strewnfield. The director (pictured above center with us and our find) was Sean Dash.

On the final day of shooting Steve and Geoff unearthed a gorgeous 21-kilo oriented Brenham pallasite. See our exclusive Discovery Channel meteorite hunt behind the scene feature.