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Genuine Moldavites are luminous green glasses formed 14.5 million years ago by the impact of a giant meteorite that created the 15-mile wide Ries Crater in Germany. The Moldavites were blasted some 200 to 400 kilometers, all the way to the modern-day Czech Republic. Mining and popularity has dramatically depleted the supply of this exquisite glass. Moldavite has a hardness rating of 5.5, and the glasses are often faceted for use in jewelry. When cut and polished, the deep green color of most Moldavite pieces is reminiscent of emeralds and peridot. We are an international meteorite company and pride ourselves in being a reputable genuine Moldavite dealer.

We understand the price of Moldavite is climbing as it is increasingly difficult to obtain. We are paying substantially more to acquire quality genuine Moldavite. Our prices reflect this increase. Shop securely.