Seymchan Siderites

Pallasite, PMG
Found in Magadanskaya oblast’, Russia, 1967

Seymchan was found in Russia in 1967 in the bed of a brook. The triangular mass discovered was huge, weighing nearly 800 pounds. Researchers originally classified Semchan as an iron (IIE), until 2004 when new material recovered from the site was found to contain lovely olivine crystals. Thus, we now have the best of both; collectors can enjoy Seymchan pallasites as well as Seymchan siderites, which display an exceptionally attractive etch pattern. Very few transitional Seymchans exist, clearly showing the core to core/mantle boundary of this amazing long dead asteroid. We are pleased to present them, along with gemmy pallasites, and alluring siderites here.

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