Northwest Africa 11237

Lunar, feldspathic breccia
Found in Northwest Africa, 2017

Northwest Africa (NWA) 11237 is classified as a lunar meteorite, specifically a feldspathic breccia originating from the Moon. It was discovered in the Northwest African region and belongs to a group of meteorites known as the NWA meteorites.

As a lunar feldspathic breccia, NWA 11237 represents a fascinating piece of the Moon’s geological history. It is composed of a mixture of different rock fragments, including feldspar-rich materials. The brecciated nature of the meteorite suggests that it was formed through multiple impact events on the lunar surface, where rocks were shattered and later reassembled.

NWA 11237’s composition also includes trace elements that are essential for understanding the geochemical evolution of the Moon. By analyzing these trace elements, such as rare earth elements (REEs), scientists can gain insights into lunar differentiation processes, volcanic activity, and the formation of lunar crustal rocks.

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