Northwest Africa 16136

Alluring and mysterious, Martian meteorites provide valuable information about the Red Planet. Shergottites are the most diverse of the SNC (shergottites, nakhlites, and Chassigny, which make up the Martians) and can be divided into basaltic and lherzolitic types.
The NWA 16136 is a Martian basaltic shergottite—the specimen was purchased and classified by Aerolite Meteorites in 2023, and its interior revealed a distinctive diabasic texture. “Diabasic” refers to intrusive igneous rocks that formed by cooling under basaltic volcanoes.

This lovely martian is gorgeous in texture and features clean and sharp crystal shape. Similarly to how Gujba is the superior and most sought after in the Bencubbin class – this is a high-quality Martian that is sure to please.

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