Camel Donga

Achondrite, Ca-rich. Eucrite-mmict
Found January 1984 near Camel Donga, on the Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia, Australia.

Eucrites are part of the HED (howardite, eucrite, diogenite) group of stones and all three are quite closely related. HED group achondrites are stone meteorites without chondrules, and some specialists believe they may have originate on the large asteroid Vesta.

The total recovered weight of all Camel Donga stones is estimated at only 50 kg, and this unusual and intriguing meteorite is very rarely offered for sale. The Camel Donga strewnfield was discovered in 1984 in a very remote part of Western Australia on the Nullarbor Plain. It is a Ca-rich meteorite and exhibits a remarkably glossy fusion crust, which is typical of this type of meteorite.

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