Ordinary chondrite, H5
Witnessed fall on the 2nd or 3rd of July 2007, in the daytime, Southwest of El Mokhtar, Erg Chech, Timbuktu district, Mali

A new meteorite fall was reported in the Republic of Mali in Western Africa in July 2007, making this stone a more recent meteorite arrival on earth. It is a very fresh fall with extremely rich, black fusion crust. The first specimens were tentatively named Mali, but the name was later officially changed to Chergach, after the nearby town of Erg Chech. Meteoritical Bulletin states: “Nomads reported the stones fell after a smoke cloud was seen and several detonations were heard over a wide area during daytime in July 2007. The finder of the first meteorites was Mr Ouled Bleila, who died in a car accident on his way back from the trip to the Chergach strewn field in October 2007. According to the Tuareg people from Algeria who visited the fall site in September 2007, the elliptical strewn field stretches for more than 20 km in a northeasterly direction. No fireball was reported.”

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