Clarendon (c)

Ordinary chondrite, L4
Found on April 6, 2015 in Clarendon, Texas

Clarendon (c) is perhaps the only meteorite to be discovered by a horse. In addition, it happens to be one of the largest chondrites ever found in the United States.

Frank and DeeDee Hommel, owners of the Bar H Working Dude Ranch in Clarendon, Texas, went out on horseback the morning of April 6, 2015. Sometime along their ride, their horses “went crazy” when they encountered and sniffed a rather bizarre 760-pound rock a few acres away from the ranch. They, along with Aerolite Meteorites CEO Geoff Notkin and colleague Ruben Garcia, uncovered several more kilograms of fragments from the site. The main mass now resides at the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth where it will be displayed to thousands of visitors.

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