Labenne Sahara

During the mid-to-late 1990s the French meteorite hunting family Labenne started finding stone meteorites in the arid deserts of Northwest Africa. These finds were made years before the NWA classification system was adopted, and were some of the very first Sahara finds. Each carries a unique hand painted field number. For example “99053” was the 53rd meteorite found during the 1999 expedition. Several have nice polished windows. Luc Labenne continues to be an active member of the meteorite community and Aerolite values its long friendship and professional association with this extraordinary and adventurous European family.

These beautiful Labenne Sahara meteorites are an unclassified ordinary chondrites.Some contain a hand-painted field number, “Sahara 99955,” which indicates that it was recovered during the Labenne family’s 1999 Sahara expedition. Precursors to the NWA (Northwest Africa) influx of meteorites, Labenne Saharas are desirable and attractive historic pieces.

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