Northwest Africa 12265 | Eucrite Melt-Breccia

Eucrite, melt breccia
Found in Northwest Africa, Classified December 2018

A rare eucrite-melt breccia from Northwest Africa, NWA 12265 was found in 2015. Howardites, eucrites, and diogenites are meteorites that have all originated from Vesta. These are fascinating to collectors and scientists because we rarely are able to identify where meteorites come from. To have a known, physical sample from Vesta to study is extremely valuable to planetary scientists. Furthermore, for collectors, having the opportunity to own a piece of a scientifically significant meteorite is exciting. Eucrites are basalt, or cooled lava that once flowed on Vesta. They take their name from the Greek word “eukritos,” meaning “easily distinguished.” This refers to their being light in weight and interior. Eucrites are difficult to spot and thus are incredibly rare. Scientists studying melt breccias think these rocks could be tied to large impact craters on Vesta.

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