Ordinary Chondrite, H3-4
Witnessed fall in Baluchistan, Pakistan, January 2020, 31°22’N, 69°34’E

A rare witnessed fall out of Baluchistan, Pakistan, a province known for its unique culture and extremely dry desert climate. It’s also home to the Princess of Hope, a natural rock formation resembling a woman looking out beyond the horizon, named by actress Angelina Jolie when she visited the area in 2002.

On the evening of February 23, 2020, a fireball was seen streaking over the northern part of the province, followed by several sonic booms. The falling stones showered a local village in the Zhob district, with one stone striking and falling through a house located in the area. Goat herders would find the largest stone collected; most Zhob stones, of which there have been four to date, display shallow regmaglypts and a rich, matte black fusion crust. The interior of Zhob reveals a light-grey matrix sporting a breccia of light-colored clasts.

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