Pallasite-PMG, Found in Kansas, 1881

The Admire pallasite dates back to 1881—originally listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin as “Illinois,” the first specimen was found when a farmer in Lyon County struck it with his plow. Since that first chance encounter, several masses have been unearthed, including a 223-pound meteorite pulled out of the ground by “Meteorite Men” hosts Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold.

These lovely part slices, crystals and “nuggets” are from the same strewnfield, but an altogether different rock. The slices were expertly prepared and are beautifully appointed. The “nuggets” are created when the pallasite is being stabilized; they truly look like visitors-from-outer space. The crystals are whole and tumbled. Imagine adding an entire pallasite crystal to your collection!

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