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Brahin 234.6 Grams


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  • Meteorite Type: Stony-Iron (Pallasite, PMG)
  • Meteorite Weight: 234.6 grams
  • Meteorite Measurements: 192 mm x 137 mm x 3 mm 
  • Witnessed Fall: No
  • Additional Info: Excellent and sizable slice, richly-stocked with highly-translucent olivine crystals. Found Gomel, Belarus 1810

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Pallasite, Found in Russia, 1810

First discovered in Belarus, Brahin is among the most alluring of pallasites. Some years ago, we acquired a large mass from an old collection and sent it to the lab for preparation. These astounding slices are the result. Displaying rich, sea-green olivine (peridot) crystals, these outstanding full slices show the highest olivine density (approximately 80%) of any specimens we have ever had the pleasure of offering, with colorful crystals appearing suspended in a delicate lattice of shiny metal. Cut thin for maximum translucency, and expertly prepared in one of the world’s top labs to show off their bright nickel-iron matrix, these exquisite specimens stand out as some of the most amazing examples of one of the most beautiful pallasites.

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Weight 234.6 g


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