Abadla 002 1.1g


Meteorite Type: CM2
Measurements: 12 mm x 9 mm x 7 mm

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Abadla 002 was found in 2022 in Alergia, in Bechar, the capital. Bechar was annexed to French Algeria and subsequently thrived in the coal mining industry. The economy there now is centered around agriculture, producing dates, vegetables, figs, cereals, and almonds. The climate in the region is hot, with temperatures reaching upwards of 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the summers. A CM2, Abadla 002 is a rare type of carbonaceous chondrite—only about 0.8% of known meteorites fall under that classification. The total mass of the find is a minuscule 800 grams. The parent body of CM-type meteorites is not known, though they are assumed to have originated from carbonaceous asteroids, of which there are many. The 2 designation indicates this meteorite was altered by water while in space!

Abadla 002 pieces sport a handsome black fusion crust on their exterior and a smattering of small chondrules suspended in a dark grey matrix in their interior, some small CAIs may be present.

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