Baja California 78.5g


Meteorite Type: Iron, IIIAB
Approximate Measurements: 123 mm x 45 mm x 3 mm
Additional Information: Rare opportunity to own one of the largest slices this singular 10 kilo mass was able to produce, when held “upside down” looks like a dinosaur! Provenance and chain-of-custody provided as Aerolite was co-owner in the purchase, mentioned in the write up on the meteoritical bulletin, and responsible for classification — alongside Dolores Hill of University of Arizona. These never-before-shared photos are of the main mass. In photo 3, note the unusual scoop which made this iron challenging to cut! Your slice features this scoop, (the dinosaur’s neck.) Photograph four shows how the entire mass went into the saw.

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The Baja California meteorite was found near a ranch in Baja California, Mexico before July of 2017. After being analyzed by research specialists at the University of Arizona, it was officially submitted for classification as an Iron (IIIAB). The 10 kilogram single individual displayed weathered fusion crust with pits over the entire surface, and an unusual cavity where an inclusion ablated away as the meteorite hurtled through our atmosphere. Baja California features an absolutely eye-catching interior and exhibits some schreibersite, a mineral found in nickel-iron meteorites. Some Baja California slices will display delicate ribbons of schreibersite running alongside pinched ends of taenite, accented by fine grains of sulfides and raisin-like inclusions of troilite, a rare mineral. Aerolite Meteorites co-owns the mass and was involved in its classification.

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