Bondoc Nodule 26.5g


Meteorite Type: Mesosiderite-B4
Measurements: 41 mm x 30 mm x 9 mm
Additional Information: Bondoc’s amazing pattern is the result of the iron/nickel compound cooling at 1⁰C every thousand years, or slower (most cool closer to 1⁰C every million years)

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The story of the recovery of the Bondoc mesosiderite is one of the most remarkable in meteorite history. H.H. Nininger traveled 40 miles from the nearest village in a remote part of the Philippines during the 1950s, the original, and only, mass weighed a staggering 1,955 pounds. At the time, it was the second largest stony-iron meteorite ever found. It took Nininger nearly four years to get the mass back to the United States, and its amazing journey included travel by bulldozer and river raft.

Examples of this material are described as Bondoc nodules. Some of the matrix survived in excellent condition and it has been prepared as colorful slices which are described as Bondoc silicates.

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