Bondoc Silicate 338.9g


Meteorite Type: Mesosiderite-B4
Approximate Measurements: 73 mm x 61 mm x 43 mm
Additional Information: A super rare opportunity to own part of the Bondoc mesosiderite’s silicate! What this meteorite lacks in beauty, it makes up for with a super backstory. End cut with a coating on the cut face. We assume from efforts to try to save the specimen. A perfect companion to the nodule in your collection. Don’t have a nodule slice? We have a few left in stock. Message us for the perfect pairing.

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The story of the Bondoc mesosiderite is one of the most remarkable in meteorite history. Recovered by H.H. Nininger 40 miles from the nearest village in a remote part of the Philippines during the 1950s, the original, and only, mass weighed a staggering 1,955 pounds. At the time, it was the second largest stony-iron meteorite ever found. It took Nininger nearly four years to get the mass back to the United States, and its amazing journey included travel by bulldozer and river raft.

Examples of the iron portion of this material are described as Bondoc nodules. Some of the matrix survived in excellent condition. Some of it was cut into slices, and others were preserved in their natural state. However, the silicate matrix that once enclosed the nodules has, by and large, corroded away.

Since Nininger transported the original mass from the Philippines, we can say Bondoc has Nininger provenance, even though not all specimens carry a hand-painted number.


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