Impressive Iron Meteorite With Stand 48.2kg


  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IAB
  • Weight: 48.2 kilograms, plus stand
  • Approximate Measurements: 17.5″h x 20″w x 5″d
    plus stand – 42″h x 14.5 “w x 17″d
  • Additional Information: Massive asteroid fragment on custom armature stand.

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Nothing describes the grandeur of space quite like 100+ pounds of it crashing into our little blue-green planet Earth.

Large asteroids with molten cores produced the raw material for iron meteorites, following collisions within the asteroid belt. As such, you could say this mammoth space rock is the broken heart of an ancient asteroid. This one landed in South America an estimated 5,000 years ago.

Meteorites weighing 100-plus pounds are rare indeed and represent just a fraction of 1% of space rocks recovered by humans in all of history. Most specimens of this size reside permanently in museum exhibits or major private collections and it is quite unusual to see an authentic iron meteorite of this magnitude offered for sale publicly. In addition to its significant mass and interesting shape — somewhat reminiscent of an asteroid from which it is believed to have originated — this highly impressive and substantial Campo del Cielo meteorite comes with its own custom-built steel armature stand which was constructed specially for its display. Please note: This is a caliper-style stand which “grasps” the exterior of the piece. The meteorite has not been drilled or otherwise marred in order to accommodate the stand.

This is a serious and important piece that remains a testament both to the determination of meteorite hunters who excavated it from the ground where it fell thousands of years ago, and the longevity of the last remains of a long-vanished minor planet.

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Weight 100000 g


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