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Chelyabinsk 34.89g


Meteorite Type: Ordinary chondrite (LL5)
Approximate Measurements: 37 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm
Witnessed Fall: Chelyabinskaya oblast’, Russia. February 15, 2013; 3:22 UT

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Every meteorite collector will forever remember the astonishing news of the truly massive fireball and explosions over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February of 2013. It was easily the largest meteoritic event since the Sikhote-Alin fall of 1947. Many of these pieces show impact melt features and a dark grey to nearly black interior. This superbolide was traveling at an astonishing speed of 42,900 mph and generated light brighter than sun. The shock wave from the fireball caused damage to over 7,000 buildings spreading across six cities.

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