El Tiro 91.3g

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Approximate Measurements: 122 mm x 86 mm x 3 mm

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Ordinary Chondrite L3, Found in Mexico, 2013
El Tiro (meaning “the shot”) was discovered in January of 2013 by a gold prospector colleague of ours, close to the small settlement of El Tiro in Sonora, Mexico. Only a single stone was recovered with a total known weight of just 2.4 kilograms. The stone displayed gentle regmaglypts, weathering cracks, and a fair amount of fusion crust. El Tiro’s grey, blue and brown matrix exhibits abundant, multi-colored breccia clasts, metallic flakes, and dark chondrules. We acquired the entire mass from the finder and proceeded with classification. El Tiro is an Aerolite exclusive.

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