Ghadamis, Libya 432.7g


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  • Meteorite Type: Stone (Unclassified Chondrite)
  • Weight:  432.7 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 82 mm x 66 mm x 54 mm
  • Additional Information: This piece has a gorgeous jet black fusion crust

1 in stock


Ghadamis (unofficial name) is recorded as falling in Libya on August 26 of 2018 and expert opinion suggests it is an L6 chondrite. Note the rich black fusion crust and large well-formed regmaglypts on this excellent whole stone. The freshness of the crust indicates it was picked shortly after the fall and has experienced little, if any, weathering. Chips in the crust, likely acquired during flight or upon impact, show a light interior with a few relict chondrules.

This witnessed fall has not yet been given an official name by the Nomenclature Committee, which is the academic body that oversees all new meteorite finds. As such, its name is listed as “unofficial.” There is no doubt it is an authentic meteorite.

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Weight 432.7 g


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