Gibeon “Mortar and Pestle”


  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IVA
  • Weight: 5.05 kilograms combined
  • Approximate Measurements: “Pestle”: 101 mm x 59 mm x 53 mm. “Mortar”: 173 mm x 112 mm x 70 mm
  • Additional Information: First discovered 1836, Namaland, Namibia

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Those meteorites that visually resemble a familiar shape or image from our daily world are always viewed as particularly appealing and desirable to collectors. We have many times heard (or said at the Aerolite offices) things such as: “This iron looks like a bird,” or “this one is the shape a rocket ship.” But, on those extremely rare occasions when we are able to present a natural meteorite that actually could be used as the thing described, it instantly becomes a show-stopper.

The mortar and pestle model has been used since ancient times to prepare the ingredients of nourishment by grinding them into a paste or powder. Fittingly, iron meteorites are even more ancient, having made the immeasurable journey to Earth from massive and long-vanished asteroids with molten cores, that once orbited the sun between Mars and Jupiter. These two Gibeon individuals comprise an extraordinary matched set. One is the “pestle”; elegant and tool-like it fits miraculously inside the perfect, deep scoop of the “mortar” base.

In the early days of meteorite collecting in the Namib desert, where these Gibeons originated, finders sometimes painted the approximate weight (in percentages of kilograms) onto their discoveries. These “field weights” bring added collectibility and provenance to meteorites, and such a number is visible on the top face of the mortar. Superior quality sculptural Gibeons like these have all but disappeared from the marketplace and an artifact-like example such as this is truly a unique and exquisite pair. Use it, reverentially, to prepare your very own cosmic sustenance.

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