Gibeon Plaque


  • Meteorite Type: Gibeon, Iron (IVA)
  • Plaque Measurements: 4.5″w x 2.5″h
  • Approximate Meteorite Measurements: 10 mm x 10 mm
  • Additional Information: Perfect table top display! Metal plaque with information on the Gibeon iron meteorite, and actual square etched sample of Gibeon adhered to the front face. Because each meteorite is unique, you will receive a similar piece of Gibeon on your metal plaque, but not exactly as photographed.

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Iron IVA, Found in Namibia, 1836

The Gibeon iron, from the Namib Desert, has long been a favorite of collectors because of its sculpted appearance, stability, attractive etch pattern, and lovely, rich desert patina. Some years ago, Gibeon meteorites were relatively common in the marketplace, but a ban on collecting in, and exporting from, Namibia has made these excellent irons almost impossible to obtain. Gibeons make outstanding display pieces and this desirable iron continues to increase in value as available pieces become more and more rare.

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