Gibeon Spheres


  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IVA
  • Weight: Spheres range from <1g – 15g
  • Approximate Measurements:  5mm – 15mm round
  • Additional Information: Magnificent fully etched Gibeon spheres! A perfect addition to any collection.
    Note: Because every meteorite is unique, the piece you receive will be similar to the one photographed, but not exactly the same.


Once a popular favorite among collectors, this essential iron meteorite has all but disappeared from the marketplace and captivating examples such as these spheres generate interest. First recorded in 1836 in the Namib Desert in Western Namibia, the Gibeon iron was part of a massive and ancient fall. No crater has ever been found, but specimens have been recovered from a very large area. A long sojourn in the desert has resulted in surfaces taking on a rich and attractive natural patina that ranges from ocher, to red, to copper.

Gibeon is a medium octahedrite and it displays a complex and beautiful Widmanstätten pattern when cut and etched in the lab. Combine the appeal of its etch pattern with its exceptional stability and minimal rusting and you have relentless demand from jewelers and watchmakers. Many Gibeons were cut up in order to fashion rings, wristwatch faces, and even guitar picks. Thus this marvelous and beautiful meteorite has become increasingly more difficult for us to obtain.

These magnificent spheres display a lustrous, gun-metal finish and exquisite etch pattern.

Only a handful of craftspeople in the world possess the skill and equipment necessary to cut, etch, and carve Gibeon, so these Gibeon iron spheres are in very limited supply.

Additional information

Weight 85 g

<1g, ~1g, ~2g, ~3g, ~4g, ~5g, ~6g, ~7g, ~8g, ~9g, ~10-15g


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