Henbury 524.0g


Meteorite Type: Iron, IIIAB
Approximate Measurements: 123 mm x 85 mm x 26 mm
Additional Information: Incredibly sculptured historic Henbury with two hand-painted numbers: T1117 and MET 455. Complete with export paperwork and authenticating paperwork with a copy of the original card from the Australian Government. Spectacular!

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Iron IIIAB, Found in Australia, 1931

The Henbury iron was discovered in 1931 and is associated with fifteen impact craters in central Australia. Henbury irons display an attractive desert patina — a reddish-crimson color slowly acquired over hundreds of years. The crater field is now a protected area and collecting is prohibited. As a result Henburys have all but disappeared from the marketplace. We filmed an episode of our multi award-winning TV series “Meteorite Men” at Henbury in 2010.

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